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Will Biden/Harris Leadership Bring Us Closer to Communities Beyond Earth?

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Location: US,

January 27, 2-3PM Eastern Time

What will America’s national space policy look like under a Biden-Harris Administration? Will that policy bring us closer to Communities Beyond Earth or further away? The new administration is widely expected to refocus NASA away from the current Artemis goal of a 2024 Moon landing and toward a greater focus on Earth Science. Will Artemis be abandoned altogether? What of the Artemis Accords and our relationships with other nations in space? Can the vibrant and burgeoning commercial space sector expect the same support as it received during the Trump and Obama Administrations? This special Beyond Earth panel will explore what the new administration could and should be doing to ensure a robust and thriving human presence in space that leverages innovation and investment from the private sector and brings us closer to Communities Beyond Earth.

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