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Lunar Surface Science Workshop: Structuring Real-Time Science Support of Artemis Crewed Operations

Date: 24-25 February 2021

Location: US,

The series of Lunar Surface Science Workshop (LSSW) short, focused virtual sessions will continue to solicit input from the community on the potential for new scientific research that could be enabled by human exploration near the lunar south pole. In addition, we want to identify and help to close knowledge gaps associated with crew activities and safety.


When astronauts walked on the Moon during the Apollo program, scientists were embedded in the Flight Control Team (FCT). These scientists populated a science backroom, and they were responsible for helping direct science activities, including sampling, instrument deployment, and other exploration tasks. In this way, the science backroom was critical in maximizing the productivity of the Apollo missions. Part of the reason for their success was that the scientists were able to work closely with the flight controllers, astronauts, and other critical members of the Apollo Program before, during, and after the missions. In the same way, scientists will work with Artemis Program flight controllers, flight directors, astronauts, and spaceflight engineers to achieve mission success and maximize scientific productivity by ensuring that the Artemis lunar surface missions effectively and efficiently accomplish high-priority science objectives.


Call for Abstracts


Abstract Deadline for LSSW Structuring Real-Time Science Support of Artemis Crewed Operations:
December 18, 2020, 5:00 p.m. U.S. Central Standard Time (GMT -6)


Abstracts are solicited from the community on the strategies for structuring a science backroom. Lessons learned from the Apollo Program, analog projects, and from other NASA missions (MER, MSL, etc.) are particularly encouraged. Refer to the Call for Abstracts tab for submission details.




Registration fees are not being collected for the LSSW virtual sessions, but registration is required. To continue receiving e-mail updates about the February 24–25, 2021 session, including virtual login information, complete the electronic registration form. Registration will close on February 21, 2021.


During the week of the virtual session, registered attendees will receive an e-mail from Houston Meeting Info with virtual connection information.

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