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The Artemis Accords and the Future of Space Governance: Volume II

Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020

Location: US,

Thursday, Oct. 22 13:00 ET (GMT-4)

About the Event

The Space Court Foundation continues the video series with a timely discussion about the future of space governance. This Round Table is a follow-up discussion from our first event on the Artemis Accords on August 26. The US has officially unveiled the Artemis Accords meant to further the development of civil space activities and the lunar-mining industry. How are these Accords being received by the rest of the world? What impact might they have on the existing space-governance framework? What could they mean for international law? Register here to join us for Volume II! **Up to 100 people can join the Round Table simultaneously. You can also attend to the Round Table via our YouTube channel, a link will be published on the day of the event.**

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