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Lunar Surface Science Workshop (Rescheduled as Virtual)

Date: 28-29 May 2020

Location: US,

The NASA-organized Lunar Surface Science Workshop originally scheduled for April 28–30, 2020 in Denver, Colorado has been rescheduled as a virtual event.


The purpose is to discuss new scientific research that could be enabled by human exploration near the lunar south pole. The workshop has been revised to consist of a number of virtual sessions to cover some of the content of the original workshop, followed by a new in-person workshop at a future date. The first virtual session is scheduled for half days on May 28–29, 2020.


The May 28 program will consist of what would have been the initial Overview session. It will contain presentations from multiple NASA mission directorates and international space agencies. It will also include some overview talks of both the science value of the Moon, as well as science that can be enabled by human missions to the lunar surface.


The May 29 program will mostly include the content that was originally planned for the Tools and Instruments for Surface Science session. It will cover various aspects of the instruments and tools that will enable EVAs for conducting scientific exploration. This is meant to be a working meeting with a mixture of talks and discussion periods.


A revised program will be available by May 19.




Registration deadline — May 22, 2020


Attendance for May 28 is open to the community. Attendance for May 29 is limited to people who submitted an abstract, or their delegates, and selected invitees.


Registration fees are not being collected for this virtual session, but registration is required to continue receiving e-mail updates, including virtual access information. You will need to register again if you were registered for the originally scheduled April workshop.

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