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The Himalayas Viewed From Orbit

A portion of the Himalayan mountain range was pictured from the International Space Station as it orbited about 250 miles above the Earth.

As farmers in Nepal prepare for a fruitful monsoon season, NASA scientist Dalia Kirschbaum anticipates a different impact of the torrential rains-- the loosening of earth on steep slopes that lead to landslides.

ISS nadir point: 28.4° N, 84.5° E Date taken: 2015.05.16 Time taken: 20:27:51 GMT

This photo was taken by the Expedition 8 crew aboard the International Space Station on 25 November 2003. It shows hazing conditions over the pan-Himalayas in Nepal.

True color image over northeastern India, Nepal and Tibet. Note the large amount of smog/pollution over India relative to Tibet, and how the mountains keep it all localized.