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Space: The Wooden Frontier

Humans have relied on forests and trees -- for shelter, food, and fuel -- from the earliest times.

The team behind the "umbrella-like" deployable heat shield design called ADEPT, or the Adaptable, Deployable, Entry and Placement Technology, is testing out a new material to deliver science payloads on future missions to Mars and beyond.

Hubble Views NGC 7027, The Jewel Bug Nebula

As nuclear fusion engines, most stars live placid lives for hundreds of millions to billions of years.

The 67th International Astronautical Congress held last week in Guadalajara, Mexico was an opportunity for world space agency leaders to publicly share in a moderated panel the progress of their national programs and answer questions from the public.

Video: AIAA Space 2016 von Kármán Lecture

Honoring Theodore von Kármán, world famous authority on aerospace sciences, the von Kàrmàn Lectureship in Astronautics recognizes an individual who has performed notably and distinguished himself technically in the field of astronautics. This year's topic - Rethinking Space Propulsion: Enabling the Future of Space Transportation and Exploration.

Some interns get coffee. Others might make copies. Not at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, where a group of students successfully flew a prototype of an aircraft that could one day fly in the Martian atmosphere and send its findings back to Earth.

What will it take to land heavier spacecraft on Mars? How will engineers slow large payloads traveling at supersonic speeds in a thin Martian atmosphere? Can this be done?

Aerodynamic design validated and new understanding of thermal material properties gained Following an extensive seven-month analysis of data collected from the Aug. 11, 2011, second flight of DARPA's Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-2), an independent engineering review board (ERB) investigating the cause of a flight anomaly completed its report.

NASA Edge Experience Aviation

NASA EDGE visits Experience Aviation with Barrington Irving. Jacky interviews Barrington while Blair and Franklin try to compete in their flight simulators.